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And this is why I absolutely adore Ross Shor Lynch.
(Cred to Instagram)

"@curtmega:@rikerR5 no but what if Jeff had a rock band called J5? Joss, Jocky, Jydel, Jatliff and… Jeff."

- Curt Mega (via yuixxxgirl)


Riker and Curt said they don’t see Niff as couple, then Dom burst through the door, shouted ‘don’t lie’ and left :’)
If you don’t love Dom, don’t talk to me!


Riker: They're best friends.
Curt: Yeah, helping each other find girlfriends.

People not on Glee enough:


  • The Warblers
  • Cooper Anderson
  • The Warblers
  • The Warblers
  • The Warblers
  • Klaine
  • Cooper Anderson
  • The Warblers
  • The Warblers
  • Blaine and the Pips


Me: They should lose for once and let the Warblers win.

Grama: Then what would they do for the rest of the season?

Me: Focus on the Warblers and the sexual tension between Jeff and Nick.

Grama: They never do anything, how do you know there’s sexual tension?

Me: *shows Rikurt video*

Grama: …

Me: Exactly.


This should be Riker’s twitter bio…


I sing and slappada ass @curtmega.

"“Through the voice of Kurt, I think we saw that first voice of a young gay person and the experiences that he had to go through in high school. There’s a lot of people telling these kids it gets better, but when you are in it, you don’t really see that sometimes,” says Morrison, who’s straight. “I feel it was great for people to actually see him go through the stuff and actually see he went through the trouble and it did get better. I think that character was such an inspiration to a lot of the younger gay audience going through a similar experience.” Matthew Morrison"

- http://www.washingtonblade.com/2013/11/27/welcome-matt-matthew-morrison-glee-music-kennedy-center/ (via jimijelnigle)

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